adipose tissue

Fat tissue - insurance of our future

  • The general tone of the body

    Enhances mental activities and physical strength, has general rejuvenating effect.

  • Health

    Cellular product derived from adipose tissue can be used to treat various diseases

  • Beauty

    Adipose tissue can be used as a natural filler and stimulator of tissue repair

  • Facial rejuvenation
  • postacne scars
  • Mammary glands correction
  • Hand rejuvenation
  • Buttock lipofilling
  • Crural shape correction
  • Visual and hearing impairment
  • Scarring
  • Internal diseases
  • Burns
  • Stretch marks
  • Muscle and soft tissue injuries
  • Broken bones
  • Tendons and joints damage
what for

Why do you need to store fat tissue today?


With age, the property of adipose tissue deteriorates significantly and it could be no better time than now.


There will be nowhere to pump fat in the future. While there is enough of quantity and good quality in fat, it must be preserved today.


In case of emergency, you will need to quickly bring ready-made adipose tissue and apply it as soon as possible. Every minute counts.


It is better to do liposuction once and save the adipose tissue for the future than to do several liposuctions as and when required. Liposuction is a stress for the body.

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Umbilical cord blood storage

Cord blood is the blood that remains in the vein of the umbilical cord and placenta at birth. Storage - the process of collecting cord blood, extraction and cryogenic freezing of cord blood stem cells for possible future medical use. There was a time when the umbilical cord and...


Adipose tissue cryopreservation

We have a unique patented technology that allows you to clean and prepare the lipoaspirate for cryopreservation for an unlimited time, while maintaining more than 90% of the original weight of the purified lipoaspirate after defrosting. For 2018, we are the only company ... ...

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News & Publications

18 Jul 2020

A new technique to make beating human heart cells glow

Allen Institute for Cell Science researchers have developed a new technique that will enable better understanding of human heart muscle cells. The method, described in a study published April 4 in the journal Stem Cell Reports, lays the groundwork fo...

18 Jul 2020

Cryopreserved Human Adipogenic-Differentiated Pre-Adipocytes: A Potential New Source for Adipose Tissue Regeneration

Background: Previously, we have shown that in vitro adipogenic differentiation of pre-adipocytes before implantation can enhance in vivo adipose tissue formation. For large-scale adipose tissue engineering or repeat procedures, cryopreservation of fa...

02 Jul 2020

Adipose tissue may affect cancer development in multiple ways

Adipose tissue, or fat, may influence the development of cancer in diverse ways, depending on the type of fat and the location in the body, outlines new research in Cancer Prevention Research, a journal of the American Association for Cancer Research...

02 Jul 2020

Adipose tissue

Adipose tissue is a specialized connective tissue consisting of lipid-rich cells called adipocytes. As it comprises about 20-25% of total body weight in healthy individuals, the main function of adipose tissue is to store energy in the form of lipids...

10 Jun 2020

USE of mesenchymal stem cells extracted from the patient own adipose tissue for the treatment of degenerative pathology

What is regenerative medicine It is the field of research and clinical applications focused on the repair and regeneration of cells, tissues or organs with the purpose to restore damaged functions. New techniques in regenerative medicine use adult me...

04 Dec 2019

Bio Banking Solutions will speak at the 17th Annual Meeting IFATS

BioBio Banking Solutions employees, the only ones from Russia, will make presentations at the 17th Annual Meeting – Marseille, France. The authors will present their own results of studies comparing the therapeutic efficacy of cell products and...

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