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Adipose tissue cryopreservation

We have a unique patented technology that allows you to clean and prepare the lipoaspirate for cryopreservation for an unlimited time, while maintaining more than 90% of the original weight of the purified lipoaspirate after defrosting. For 2018, we are the only company ...

Bio Banking Solutмions

an international company providing services for organizing the processing, freezing and storage of biomaterials in the territory of the Russian Federation.


Umbilical cord blood storage

Cord blood is the blood that remains in the vein of the umbilical cord and placenta at birth. Storage - the process of collecting cord blood, extraction and cryogenic freezing of cord blood stem cells for possible future medical use. There was a time when the umbilical cord and its blood were considered medical waste. Today, parents collect and store their baby’s umbilical cord blood because it is rich in stem cells. These stem cells are currently used in a variety of treatments for life-threatening and complex diseases.

How we are working

How we are working


Collection of biomaterial as a special corporate kit (performed by a surgeon)


Delivery of lipoaspirate to a laboratory within 24h (performed by a courier). Lipoaspirate storage requirements: 24 hours at room temperature and 48 hours at +4 degrees Celsius

  • 1. Input quality control
  • 2. Processing in a closed system using a special technology
  • 3. Pre-cryopreservation marking and quality control
  • 4. Cryopreservation and preparation of individual Lipoaspirate Passport
  • 5. Unlimited time storage using liquid nitrogen
  • 6. Defrosing at the clinic by client's request
  • 7. Quality control and packaging

Delivery of biomaterial to the destination indicated by the customer

Clinic / Client

Acceptance and usage of biomaterial


Application for cooperation

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