Franchise of Fat Tissue Cryopreservation

Over the past 10 years, liposuction has been one of the five most popular plastic surgery procedures worldwide. At the same time, modern scientific data have shown the exceptional importance and value of adipose tissue (lipoaspirate). It not only performs a number of important functions in our body, but it is also a universal filler and a source of cells with a unique regenerative potential. At the same time, after liposuction, if lipofilling is not proceeded at the same time, adipose tissue is disposed of as medical waste. If it becomes necessary to correct soft tissue defects or treat any diseases, it is necessary to re-perform the liposuction procedure, often under general anesthesia.

We have developed a unique technology that allows you to cryopreserve the adipose tissue extracted after liposuction for an indefinitely long time. We have developed a technology how to freeze fat without losing its properties. Adipose tissue frozen according to our original method can be stored at liquid nitrogen temperature for any period of time and be ready for clinical use within 1.5 hours after defrosting.

What is the purpose of cryoconservation of adipose tissue?

1. It is a loss to dispose of such a valuable biomaterial if you plan to get rid of its surplus for aesthetic purposes.

2. With age, the regenerative abilities of our body are significantly reduced. It is possible to save adipose tissue at a relatively young age and use it for aesthetic or therapeutic purposes in the future. It may be called some kind of a bio-insurance.

3. The presence of preserved adipose tissue will allow you to quickly access the most advanced technologies for the treatment of various diseases in case of their development. Often, the disease itself or the severity of the patient’s condition excludes the possibility of liposuction.

4. The presence of an individual supply of the best filler for the correction of age-related skin changes (face, neck, hands).

We are Bio Banking Solutions – an international company providing services for the processing, freezing and storage of biomaterials.

We provide a unique fat cell cryopreservation service:

• We save 90% of the obtained adipose tissue;

• We preserve the material in liquid nitrogen;

• Carefully store it for as long as it is required;

• We deliver ready-to-use lipoaspirate to anywhere in the world.

Currently, we are actively considering the option of entering different markets. We are ready to discuss options for opening branches and franchises. We invite our partners to engage in the formation and occupation of new market segments in the field of plastic surgery, aesthetic medicine, cosmetology and regenerative medicine. All these segments are among the most dynamically developing branches of modern medicine. The infrastructure of the biobank and the standards for working with biological material will allow in the future to quickly expand the list of services for the production of personal fillers for cosmetologists, obtain various cellular products, as well as to expand the list of stored tissues with any other types (cord blood, bone marrow, dental pulp, skin, etc.).

We offer you to use our competencies and start a fat tissue cryoconservation service under our brand (or under your own brand) in your area.

Financial conditions

Initial Franchise Fee is $ (↓Upon request↓), and from the second month after the opening, a monthly royalty (reward under a license agreement for the use of intellectual property) is paid in the amount of 4% of the monthly revenue.

In addition to the price of the franchise itself, you will need to invest in your own infrastructure if you do not have your own cryogenic storage facility. The investment price depends on your region. There is also an option when you become a virtual biobank, giving biomaterial for storage to a third-party cryo-storage – this greatly reduces the need for initial investment, but also reduces the business margin by approximately 20-40%.

What is included in the franchise package:

— Patented and unique LiCC adipose tissue cryopreservation technology
— Marketing support
— Quality control protocols
— Assistance with selection of technical equipment that meets international standards — Assistance with the organisation of turnkey production processes

— Website and personal account, it is also possible to create your own subdomain — Access to our base of knowledge
— Work in partnership with leading research centers and laboratories

Business economics

You can determine the cost of your services by yourself. Also, the price tag can be increased from the total amount of storage. By finding out the annual number of liposuction operations in your area, you can roughly calculate the possible annual revenue.

To become a partner or get detailed information about the franchise – write to us at or by phone +7 (495) 225 54 18