Umbilical cord blood storage

Dear parents! Dear mothers!

Your child’s life is priceless.

You have a unique opportunity to insure your child’s health against many diseases – collection and storage of umbilical cord blood cells.

Umbilical cord blood is a unique source of stem cells, which are the ancestors of all cells of the body. They are able of multiple cell devision and can turn into any cells of organs and tissues. In case of damage in the body, they contribute to restore impaired functions.

Carefully preserved umbilical cord blood cells are 100% compatible with your child’s cells, and the compatibility with the cells of close relatives -mother, father, brothers and sisters – is 25%. Therefore, the preservation of stem cells can be useful not only to the child himself, but also to his family. In case of illness, the family will receive the biomaterial needed for treatment on demand.

What diseases are successfully treated with stem cells?

Cells can be used to treat many diseases. Cellular technologies are successfully used in such areas as hematology, surgery, orthopedics, immunology, oncology.

Reasons for umbilical cord blood cell transplantation are leukemia, anemia, and hematopoiesis recovery after chemotherapy. The presented program of collection, cryopreservation and long-term storage of stem hematopoietic cells will help to provide the donor and his close relatives with unique, accessible only for them, stem cells, as well as provide an opportunity to use cells if necessary. In our center we will provide storage of umbilical cord blood cells for a long time.

How safe is umbilical cord blood collection?

Umbilical cord blood collection procedure is absolutely safe, non-invasive, painless for mother and child and takes no more than 10 minutes. When a sample of umbilical cord blood is received, bacteriological and virological control is carried out, the exact content of stem cells and their viability is determined.

Specialists of our center carry out the selection of stem cells, e.i. umbilical cord blood is subjected to special treatment, while removing part of the plasma. The recieved cell concentrate is placed in a special container and frozen at ultra-low temperatures (minus 196° C). The frozen material is stored in an individual cell of the cryostorage under an individual number.

What do you need to do to preserve stem cells?

If you want to use the offered service, please contact our center in any convenient way. You can do it even through the Internet. After signing the contract, you need to pay for the service. It includes blood collection, transportation, research and storage. You can choose the shelf-life of umbilical cord blood in the Bank.

Advantages of our center:

  • Laboratories and sterile boxes for work, corresponding to the international standards GTP, GMP, GLP;
  • The latest technical equipment and unique instrumental base corresponding to international standards and allowed by Committee of Healthcare of the Federation of Russia;
  • Reliable independent cryostorages for cord blood cells;
  • Professional staff.

A drop of umbilical cord blood -a contribution to health for life!

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